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  • Self-Made Scandals and the Long Memory of Social Media

    Self-Made Scandals and the Long Memory of Social Media

    And then, an old picture crops up, or an embarrassing tweet, or a tone-deaf social media post is surfaced. When this happens, your reputation — and a lifetime of good work — goes out the window. Yes, disaster. Yes, people change over the years, so what you said (or posted) [More]

  • The Community Involvement Thought Leadership Test

    The Community Involvement Thought Leadership Test

    Benefits of community leadership include: It implies a third-party endorsement — after all, someone must have vetted you for the role. Others can observe you as someone in a position of authority and respect. Your involvement will widen your network with completely different people. It is incredibly powerful when people see you [More]

  • Reputation Rescue

    Reputation Rescue

    Have you ever been in a situation where your personal reputation has been called into question online?  Or your organization's brand is under attack from a special interest group, and it is emerging somewhat battered?  Not good. Of course, the best way to build a great reputation is to do [More]

  • Social Media Damage Control

    Social Media Damage Control

    Picture this scenario: you get an email from your manager, letting you know that a complaint (or a picture, or a video) about your organization has gone "viral".  You check it out, and indeed it is embarrassing... and it is everywhere.  What do you do? In a previous post, I [More]

  • Social Notworking

    Social Notworking

    Social media is used by recruiters to look for "hidden" candidates and to disqualify inappropriate ones. It is used by sales reps to look for new prospects and connect better with existing ones. And it can be used by you to connect outward to those you know, and to develop [More]

  • Yes means No

    Yes means No

    It is tough saying "No" when someone asks for your help or your commitment. We don't want to let down our colleagues, friends, or family. We don't want them to think we lack the capability. And we want to develop the reputation as someone who always steps up to the [More]


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