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What do I want to be known for?

by Randall Craig on September 23, 2008

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If you’re like most people, you’d much prefer to write your resume than your obituary. Resumes help you get that promotion or new job, while obituaries are relatively… final. Nevertheless, writing your own obituary is a great exercise: it helps you define how you will be remembered by your colleagues, friends, and family.

At work, would you be remembered because you were a great analyst, great relationship manager, or someone who always met their deadlines? Perhaps your technical knowledge, or the impact you’ve had on your industry? Or maybe, that you were a great mentor, or a great leader?

The answer to this question defines your Personal Brand. If obituaries make you uncomfortable, think of your personal brand as what others would say about you, if asked. The better defined your personal brand is, the easier it will be for others to work with you – or promote you – or hire you; they can better match your personal brand to their needs.

Defining your personal brand can be as easy as answering the question: “What do I want to be known for?” Once you know the answer, then it is simply a matter of deciding to do things that support this goal – and cease doing things that are contrary to it.

This week’s action item: How would you like to be remembered by your friends and family? The same concept of Personal Branding applies here as well. This week, spend some time considering the answer to this question, then choose one thing to begin doing that supports your brand. And stop doing one thing that hurts it.

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