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Project Management

  • Agile Methodology

    Agile Methodology

    In the olden days - and sadly, "today" for many organizations - the most common project management approach is the so-called waterfall approach: Market research Analysis of requirements Technical specification Development Testing Bug-fixes Final testing Launch This approach allowed for clear approvals at each stage, and cleverly separated the "client" of [More]

  • Five Steps to Reduce Risk

    Five Steps to Reduce Risk

    Are you keen on risk?  Do you seek it out?  Most people and organizations don't - and for good reason.  Yet risk is not necessarily bad: it is part of the risk-return equation; it doesn't identify only exposure - it also identifies potential opportunity. What is bad is unnecessary risk. [More]

  • Avoiding tech project failures (2)

    Avoiding tech project failures (2)

    Have you ever had a problem - or a disastrous - project in your organization?  When this happens, it is often "clear" that the problem is with the consultants hired to help, and sadly, this is often true. But is some of the fault also with your organization?  While a previous [More]

  • Avoiding tech project failures

    Avoiding tech project failures

    Has your organization invested in a “game-changing” software project, only to discover that the promised benefits never really materialize?  Or that the implementation was so flawed that the system is regarded as a financial and operating disaster? Sadly, this happens far more than it should… but must this always be [More]


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