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  • Better late than never

    Better late than never

    How often have you said "Better late than never"? Like many, probably a few times. Close cousins of this expression include "I tried", "I'm sorry", and "I'm not feeling my best today". While they all may be true, they may also sound like excuses. When we rely on these expressions, [More]

  • Barack Obama:  The ultimate job search

    Barack Obama: The ultimate job search

    Ten Career Planning Tips that we can learn from Barack Obama (and John McCain) Thinking back to the American Presidential election, are there any job search and career planning lessons that can be learned from Obama's historic victory? The answer, of course, is yes. 1) Anyone can grow up to [More]

  • Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation

    The months of July and August are special, as it is when many people traditionally take their vacations. But it is special for another reason as well: it is the half-way point of the year. And while we might prefer to be sipping lemonade at the beach, it is a [More]


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