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  • Time for a Twitter Wall? (Part Two)

    Time for a Twitter Wall? (Part Two)

    Looking for the fine print on successfully using Twitter/Chat at your event?  Here is Part two:  [Read part one] 1) Choose a hashtag:  Choosing a unique hashtag is critical; if you choose one that another organization is using, then their comments will be mixed in with yours.  CAFE, for example, [More]

  • Time for a Twitter Wall? Or Chat?

    Time for a Twitter Wall? Or Chat?

    You've decided - or you've been told - that it is time that your meeting incorporates Twitter.  In fact, the young keener in your office has assured you that doing so is actually quite easy - just set up a Twitter wall.  Unfortunately, you know that whenever anyone says this, [More]

  • A Great Story

    A Great Story

    Have you ever wondered why some presentations seem to grip the audience, and others are beyond dull? The reason is simple: an entire generation of people have been raised on PowerPoint and an outline-style presentation mode. Think about it: most business presentations are lists of points, sometimes with cheesy clip-art, [More]


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