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  • Superman


    In many old movies, and particularly westerns, there is a scene where the tracker listens to the ground, and pronounces the enemy coming from "that" direction. Or they look at footprints and pronounce that the person is two days ahead of them.  In more modern movies, everyone knows that Superman [More]

  • Social Media Risk Takers

    Social Media Risk Takers

    Just about everybody has heard about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Avid users talk about connecting with family, networking with past colleagues, and meeting new contacts. Social media sites allow this to happen, and much more. You can post photos, blogs, status updates, job history, family relationships, event listings, and [More]

  • Trusting Opportunity

    Trusting Opportunity

    If you are in the profession of sales, and your key contact at a client quits, is this a good thing or a bad thing? If your boss moves to another department or a division, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Both of these situations are full [More]


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