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  • Too Much Information

    Too Much Information

    Do you feel bombarded with information? Advertising shouts for your attention wherever you turn. Friends, family and colleagues clamor for your attention. And the books, magazines, blogs, Social Media, and websites that you "must" check every day.  Are you approaching an overload condition? We're wired to be curious, and we're [More]

  • Great Headlines

    Great Headlines

    Whenever you read the newspaper (remember those?), how often do you really notice the headlines? Headlines are designed to solicit interest: the editor who wrote them is trying to let you know what the article is about, while at the same time "selling" you on the importance of actually reading [More]

  • Serious Promises

    Serious Promises

    Have you ever made a promise to yourself, and then not kept it? Maybe you swore to yourself that if "it" happens one more time, then you will do something about it. Or that "Next Year", things will be different (yet they never are). Or maybe you promised to lose [More]


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