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Most service-based organizations compete based on Price/Expertise/Trust. But do these dimensions by themselves generate sustainable competitive advantage?  Not necessarily: to develop competitive advantage requires taking each of these items to their logical conclusion.

From price to value:  Not only is competing on price usually not economically sustainable, most organizations do not want their brand to be characterized exclusively by price.  But “value” is a different story, because it incorporates the concept of ROI.

From expertise to thought leader:  While expertise is required to be in the game, thought leadership is the ultimate differentiator.  Unfortunately however, the term is far overused.  Not sure if you are a thought leader?  Test yourself here.

From trust to trusted advisor:  Trust is either earned or spent at every touchpoint: from initial contact, to contract signature, to every interaction thereafter.  As trust grows over time, the relationship moves beyond the transactional.  How to become a trusted advisor?  Keep your promises, exceed expectations, and put others interests before your own.

This week’s action plan:  Unfortunately, many organizations (and people) pay lip service to these concepts at best.  This week, one dimension (price/expertise/trust), and ask one question: how might we do better?

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