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by Randall Craig on November 25, 2008

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While PAR 3 might have special meaning for golfers, it is actually the name of a great framework for describing your experience. It can be used in sales presentations, group status meetings, brochures and web sites. PAR stands for Problem, Action, Results. Rather than describing what you did (the “Action”) in isolation, it answers the question why (the Problem), and what happened (the Result), putting context and relevance around what you say.

Consider these example statements:

Problem: Sales were down, and there was uncertainty as to why.
Action: We conducted a customer audit, and discovered that they needed more technical data before making a purchase decision.
Result: Our sales team now uses tech data during the sales process, resulting in a sales increase of 20%.

Problem: Quality issues were affecting delivery schedules.
Action: We changed the manufacturing process to allow workers to spend more time on challenging tasks.
Result: Our quality index has improved by 50%, and returns due to poor workmanship are down by 15%.

This week’s action item: PAR 3 can be used just as effectively at the personal level, whether you are selling a concept to co-workers, prepping for a performance review, or interviewing for a new role. Before you send out today’s emails, and before your next presentation, do a quick check for PAR 3 opportunities: don’t just tell others what you did – let them know why, and what happened.

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