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  • Nemawashi Master

    Nemawashi Master

    In Japanese culture, there is a cultural practice to avoid causing others to lose face. In business meetings, this often means that objections are not raised, and decisions are made apparently without a thorough discussion. While this is what appears to an outsider, the reality is far different. The Japanese [More]

  • Holding Attention

    Holding Attention

    Have you ever had the feeling that the person you are speaking to really wasn't paying attention to your conversation? Maybe they are pre-occupied with a personal matter? Or they might not care about your message (or about you)? Or perhaps they are focused on an impending deadline? Whatever the [More]

  • Speed meeting

    Speed meeting

    Does every meeting you attend need to feel like a marathon? Sometimes yes, but most of the time, meetings drag on inappropriately - or at least they seem to. How quickly can you finish a meeting? If it is scheduled for 30 minutes, can you get it done in 20? [More]

  • Meeting Magic

    Meeting Magic

    How many useless meetings have you attended? And how many have you been in charge of? Whether the meeting is a team status review, sales pitch, in-person or via Zoom, following a structured approach can make an appreciable difference. Consider this framework: Define the purpose of the meeting: Before you [More]


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