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  • Just In Time

    Just In Time

    What can the world of manufacturing teach us about Social Media, Marketing, and Stakeholder Engagement?  On the face of it, not much, but look more closely, and there are two concepts that are surprisingly relevant: Continuous Improvement, and Just-in-Time. Continuous Improvement:  In the manufacturing world, continuous improvement is all about [More]

  • Social Attention Span

    Social Attention Span

    How long is your attention span?  How long is the attention span of your clients, colleagues, or kids?  The conventional wisdom is that it is very short - 30 seconds - the length of a typical TV commercial.  Supposedly, the attention span of a Gen-Xer is even shorter. Thankfully, both [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Email, R.I.P.

    Viewpoint: Email, R.I.P.

    Picture this scene from a few decades ago: you're working in your office, and your assistant bursts in, with an important announcement:  You've received... a FAX!  The correspondence was critically important - and you were too. Then a few years later, the FAX was replaced by AOL's chirpy voice, announcing [More]

  • Three Marketing Models

    Three Marketing Models

    Frameworks and models are a great way to unpack a challenge, and often provide clues as to how it might be solved.  Here are three that I have written about extensively in my books... but never together. Model One: One of the most powerful real-world networking techniques is called "give-to-get". [More]

  • QR Codes:  Qritical or Qraze?

    QR Codes: Qritical or Qraze?

    To create a code, just Google the words QR Code and you'll find a number of no-cost web-based QR Code creators.    To read the code, go to your smart phone's app store and do a similar search, then install what you find.  (My favorite is ScanLife.)  The QR code above, [More]

  • Trust Takes Time

    Trust Takes Time

    How long does it take to make a sale?  And is it faster using traditional marketing and sales techniques, or digital-based ones? In traditional marketing and sales, advertising informs prospective customers about a product or service. Those who have a need show up and make their purchase. In the more [More]

  • Build It and They Will Come:  Social Media Promotion Strategy

    Build It and They Will Come: Social Media Promotion Strategy

    While Build It and They Will Come might work in the movies (remember Field of Dreams?), it doesn't quite work that way online. Yes, you can put up a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or YouTube channel, but how can you truly attract followers?  And how can you truly drive engagement?  [More]

  • Reflections on Steve Jobs and the impact of Apple

    Reflections on Steve Jobs and the impact of Apple

    Steve Jobs was a visionary:  incredible focus, a market disruptor, a tech genius, a serial entrepreneur, and so on.  All true, but there is also something else - a thread that underlies and connects everything that Apple does: their focus on the empowered customer. From day one, this was reflected [More]

  • Gutless and Spineless…

    Gutless and Spineless…

    ...and afraid of the marketplace of ideas.  These are not exactly the attributes that most organizations (or people) aspire to. Yet most have a Social Media strategy that conveys precisely that.  Here's the case: Most organizations have Facebook pages.  Some of them have invested significantly in nifty functionality that runs [More]

  • Cheap, Smart, and Trusted

    Cheap, Smart, and Trusted

    How do you compete? Why would someone buy your services? While we may not think of ourselves as a product, we compete all of the time: for jobs, for acceptance of our ideas, and for personal approval. Tier one - Price: At the most basic level, you are chosen because [More]


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