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  • Innovation and the Connected Generation

    Innovation and the Connected Generation

    There is nothing as humorous - or sad - as outdated laws. Every jurisdiction has them: No cow or sheep grazing in public gardens All businesses must provide rails to tie up horses No walking backward while eating chestnuts Unfortunately, many organizations face a similar problem: rules and regulations that [More]

  • Color Television

    Color Television

    If you are old enough to remember Black and White televisions, then you're old enough to remember how revolutionary color television was. If not, perhaps you remember how the microwave oven changed how the world cooked? Or what it was like without the internet, let alone Facebook, YouTube, or Google. [More]

  • Brain Operating System: Autopilot

    Brain Operating System: Autopilot

    DOS, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS are all names of computer operating systems. They control the computer chips, memory, and give the device its unique personality. While we are certainly not computers, we too are controlled by a system: a Brain Operating System. Our BOS has a tremendous autopilot system: [More]

  • Dr. No

    Dr. No

    It can't be done. We'll look bad if it doesn't work. We've tried it and it didn't work. So-and-so said that we shouldn't do it. That's not the way we do it here. That's not your job. That's not my job. You'll tick off so-and-so if you do it. You'll [More]

  • Brainstorming Creatively

    Brainstorming Creatively

    Creativity can help you solve some of the most difficult problems, which is why it is why it is valued so highly by clients (and your employer). Yet why are some people seemingly so creative, and others aren't? Creativity in business is something that you can develop through practice with [More]


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