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  • Anti-social Networking

    Anti-social Networking

    Have you ever been in a business meeting where some people are focusing intently... on their smartphones? Or have you been on an airplane, where most people are listening carefully... to Spotify or Apple Music? Or perhaps with your family at the dinner table, with several people texting, checking Facebook, [More]

  • Social Media Manners Matter

    Social Media Manners Matter

    There is so much written about what TO do with Social Media, there is so little written about what NOT to do. More than any other medium - telephone, written letters, email - Social Media is incredibly risky. Whatever you write can be broadcast worldwide, is archived forever, and can [More]

  • Sweat the Small Stuff

    Sweat the Small Stuff

    Several years ago. I decided to change my voice message to one that ended with an enthusiastic "Have a Great Day". Soon afterward, something funny started happening. When clients and colleagues left messages, they invariably ended with "Have a Great Day" too! This got me thinking about how something as [More]


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