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  • On or In?

    On or In?

    Most people spend years getting good at what they do. They become superb analysts, salespeople, engineers, or managers. They are rewarded for their efforts with promotions, better pay, and fancy perks. Interestingly, entrepreneurs do the same: they work hard for every sale, delivering on every promise; they are the president, [More]

  • Sweat the small stuff – again

    Sweat the small stuff – again

    Why do some people have tremendous professional success, and others don't? It might be convenient to point to their superior intellect, drive, positive attitude, or just plain luck - none of which you feel you have. But often their success comes from a source far more mundane: they try harder. [More]

  • Report on Business Television

    Report on Business Television

    I was at the Report on Business Television studio, taping a few segments for some upcoming shows. In between, I spent time chatting with the host, Anne Gaviola. I made an off-hand remark that she must meet a number of fascinating guests; her reply impressed me. She said that indeed [More]


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