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Digital Strategy

  • Blog Cluster Strategy

    Blog Cluster Strategy

    "If you build it, he will come."  This quote, from the movie Field of Dreams, captures the hopes of many marketers:  write great content on your blog, and an audience will be magically attracted to you.  Thanks to Google this is partially true, but are there things that you can [More]

  • Twitter Strategy, Take Two

    Twitter Strategy, Take Two

    Are you one of the millions who remain uncertain about using Twitter? While I've written about this before (Twitter Strategies), I thought it might be worthwhile to boil it down again, but from a different perspective. Here are five key Twitter activities that might expose a previously hidden opportunity: Monitor: Professional [More]

  • Generating ROI: The other 95%

    Generating ROI: The other 95%

    How do you determine the ROI on your marketing and sales investments? The standard formula is simple: divide the return, less investment, by the investment. A marketing campaign costs $1000, and reaches out to 1000 prospects. Five per cent of these respond, generating $1000 profit, for an ROI of zero: [More]

  • Social Over-Indulgence

    Social Over-Indulgence

    Unfortunately, this zeal to include Social Media is often done thoughtlessly.  There are numerous cases where "doing" Social Media makes no sense at all.  Three examples: 1) When there is no call to action - or when there isn't even a social address provided. In the picture above, taken at [More]

  • Social Relevance: Improving Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio

    Social Relevance: Improving Your Signal-to-Noise Ratio

    No one cares about you - they care about how you can solve their problems. Write for your readers. These two expressions epitomize the most important marketing concept: relevance. How often have you seen a post, picture, tweet, or comment that adds zero value? Or where the signal-to-noise ratio is, [More]

  • Scenario Planning: Social Response Strategy

    Scenario Planning: Social Response Strategy

    What do you do when you are disappointed with a product or service that you have purchased?  Most people turn to the web: a quick check on Google solves many problems.  And a few choice words on Twitter or Facebook can let everyone know about the experience. From an organization's [More]

  • Marketing Insight: Improving Web ROI

    Marketing Insight: Improving Web ROI

    Does this sound familiar?  You have a website (or two), a marketing budget, and more than likely, a desire to grow.  It doesn't matter if growth is defined as more event registrations, newsletter sign-ups, leads, or transactions - the problem is that too often, a web initiative doesn't always pull [More]

  • Social Media Planning Calendar

    Social Media Planning Calendar

    How do you organize your Content Marketing and Social Media activities?  Most people have a system - whiteboards, excel documents, Google Calendar, or often, scraps of paper.  Unfortunately, none of these are as effective, or efficient, as they might be.  And they certainly don't help you share your activities with [More]

  • Are Resumes Dead?

    Are Resumes Dead?

    Look at your LinkedIn profile: does it bear any resemblance to your CV?  For most people, a LinkedIn profile far surpasses paper:  Paper can't compete with connections, recommendations, endorsements, , groups, status updates and more.  With the momentum clearly online, will your paper resume die?  Or is it already dead? [More]

  • Viewpoint: Social Media – Going Out of Business

    Viewpoint: Social Media – Going Out of Business

    Before Social Media really took off, the number of tools for engaging stakeholders online was very, very small.  You could create a bulletin board on your site.  An interactive calculator. A "guestbook" (remember those?)  Or get people to sign up to a ListServ and participate in a discussion via email.  [More]


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