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Everyone knows the importance of a network, but what if you have recently moved to a new city (or country), and you don’t know a single person? Or if you are a young person just beginning a career, and your network doesn’t yet exist? How can you use your network if you don’t have one?

The common theme is that a network must “exist” before you can use it – and therefore without one, you are at a distinct disadvantage. This woe-is-me attitude rests upon the assumption that a network is a “thing” that you have, as opposed to a process that you engage in. The purpose of networking is to meet new people, and deepen the relationships with those that you already know. If you don’t know a single person, then your networking task doesn’t need to be split in two – your job is to meet new people! Networking is the journey, not the destination.

Of course, this extreme situation – not knowing a single person – is in fact rarely the case. We each know family, friends, work-mates, school-mates, and likely a few others as well. Each of these people are connections into different circles.

This week’s action item: Without networking goals, our networking activities are rarely strategic. Choose how much time you spend meeting new people vs deepening the relationships with your existing contact base. Choose your activities – and then calendarize them.

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