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  • Focus on the Question

    Focus on the Question

    Whenever there is uncertainty, we look for answers. We investigate alternatives, and then choose a course of action. Often, however, we are unsatisfied with the results, or have a sinking feeling that we've missed a key piece of information along the way. Albert Einstein had an interesting approach to this: [More]

  • Data, Information, Intelligence

    Data, Information, Intelligence

    How many hours have you spent trolling through the internet, doing "research" on a particular company or industry? Many people spend too much time on research, and put off making a decision or acting on it. The reason? Most people are averse to risk. We rationalize that with more information, [More]

  • What would my mentor do?

    What would my mentor do?

    Mentors and coaches hold a special place in most successful managers' careers. They provide advice on difficult decisions, give valuable perspective, and smooth the political way when problems occur. But what should you do if your mentor is not available, and you need their advice? Stalling or deferring your decision [More]


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