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  • Social Choice: Ignore, Listen, Join or Host

    Social Choice: Ignore, Listen, Join or Host

    Think back to when you last bought a book - did you check the reviews on Amazon? When you last booked a hotel - did you check the hotel rankings?  There is an incredible conversation happening on the social web, and for the first time in history, there is transparency: [More]

  • Conversation starters

    Conversation starters

    Do you have a website, spend money on advertising, or engage in "media relations"? If so, you probably have a fair amount of experience broadcasting a specific message to a specific audience. Unfortunately, most people use this same paradigm when it comes to Social Media. They post updates on Facebook [More]

  • Active Listening

    Active Listening

    If you are in a meeting, and the speaker seems to be repeating themselves, is it their fault... or yours? While it is true that communication is tough, could it be that they are repeating themselves because they "see" that you aren't listening? They reason - sometimes subconsciously - that [More]


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