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Before we begin our careers, we typically spend a number of years in school. We then get hired in progressively more challenging jobs, earning the experience required for success. At any point in time, our unique experiences (and education, and upbringing) give us the ability to solve a specific type of problem better than anyone else. We each have a “solution” with our name on it.

When we have career success, we are in jobs where we can use our special ability. When our careers are stalled, we are doing things – solving problems – that don’t have our name on it. We often get frustrated, and our change in attitude makes things worse, closing off even more opportunities.

If you know what your “solution” is, you should even be able to introduce yourself with it (“Hi, my name is Jennifer: I fix run-away projects”). While you might not actually introduce yourself this way, in your mind – and in your manager’s or client’s mind – the problem-with-your-name-on-it should be clear.

This week’s action item: What is the “problem” with your name on it? If you’re not sure, think about the things you enjoy doing – and can do better than anyone else. This week, resolve to do more of it.

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