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  • Happy Birthday World Wide Web

    Happy Birthday World Wide Web

    It's not celebrated widely, but in August 2021 (August 6th actually) the world wide web turns thirty. From humble beginnings, this "child" has revolutionized the world in no less a transformational way than the industrial revolution a century earlier. Think about what didn't exist in 1991: eCommerce, eBay, ezines, online [More]

  • Low Maintenance High Return

    Low Maintenance High Return

    Does your car need service every three months, six months, or just once yearly? How often do you need to change the oil, check the tires, or fill up the tank? Each car is very different. Like cars, every person is different. Some people are high maintenance, and others require [More]

  • Work yourself out of a job

    Work yourself out of a job

    What would happen if you planned for your own obsolescence? What if you changed your job so that you were no longer required in that role? As an optimist, the possibilities are exciting: You wouldn't be considered as "critical", and therefore could be considered for other positions. With the extra [More]

  • Back to School

    Back to School

    Remember a thousand years ago when the summer was coming to an end, and you were preparing to go back to school? Or maybe you have kids or teens who are dreading the first day back? For most of us, September does usually mean a more disciplined schedule. We transition [More]


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