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Spontaneous Discovery

by Randall Craig on October 21, 2009

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What happens as we age? We’re more mature, we listen more carefully, we’re given more responsibilities, and we earn the experience that prepares us for even more.

Contrast this to children: They learn by watching, they don’t know what isn’t possible, they’re spontaneous, and most of them have an insatiable curiosity.

While very few people truly want to rewind back to their childhood, there are positive aspects to spontaneity and curiosity that could actually do us some good. Fast forward some of these childhood traits to now. If you have children, young relatives, or even neighborhood kids at the local park, just watch them for a while: how would they would handle one of your challenges?

This week’s action item: When you are mentoring your workmates or spending time with friends and family, model the spontaneity and curiosity that kids have naturally. You may be surprised at what you discover – in yourself and others.

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