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  • Reality Distortion Field

    Reality Distortion Field

    I recently had the privilege of attending Book Expo America, the world's largest book convention. In attendance were thousands of booksellers, publishers, authors, distributors, and suppliers. There were panels with CEO's discussing the future of the industry. There were technical sessions, keynotes, and workshops. And there was an incredible reality-distortion [More]

  • Intellectual Health Food

    Intellectual Health Food

    Where did you pick up your current attitude to learning? The quick answer is your friends, family, school, and work colleagues. Looking more widely, you probably were influenced by TV, movies, your favorite author, and the culture in general.  Too often, the biggest influencers are mindless TV shows, complaining friends [More]

  • Professional Intensity

    Professional Intensity

    An athlete's training schedule holds an important lesson for those looking to develop a successful career. At the beginning, an athlete may run 5 miles in one hour. As they get better, they move their time down to 55 minutes, then 50 minutes. At this point, they decide to add [More]


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