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  • Brand Building and Brand Transfer

    Brand Building and Brand Transfer

    Beyond ads, media mentions, and the web, is there another mechanism to build your organization's brand? One that might cost significantly less, yet yield powerful positioning advantages? Brand Transfer is the "borrowing" of another organization's brand to better convey - or even amplify - your own. Consider the following examples: How differently [More]

  • Viewpoint: Building Credibility and Legitimacy

    Viewpoint: Building Credibility and Legitimacy

    In the traditional channels, there have long been built-in checks-and-balances to prevent abuse. With so few TV and Radio stations, newspapers, and magazines, these channels developed policies for who they would accept as an advertiser. And as journalists, their reporting was both objective and fact-checked.  It was hard for fringe [More]

  • Momentum Marketing

    Momentum Marketing

    What is the difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one?  Yes, ROI is certainly the standard answer, but it is also completely insufficient. A single marketing campaign is not very different than a car going uphill, battling gravity, with a driver giving a single pump of the [More]

  • Cutting Through the Digital Clutter

    Cutting Through the Digital Clutter

    How much spam do you get in your email box each day?  Probably too much.  How many Social Media "updates" do you read each day?  Probably too many.  And how relevant are they?  Not. In the past, the challenge that marketers faced - cutting through the clutter - was solved [More]

  • Cut Marketing Costs?  Mission Possible

    Cut Marketing Costs? Mission Possible

    Most entrepreneurs have a secret that most larger organizations have sadly forgotten:  Cut your costs and you'll make more money.   And in no other area is this more true than in the area of marketing.  Why is this? 1) Momentum of the past:  If traditional advertising and promotion have always [More]

  • Social Over-Indulgence

    Social Over-Indulgence

    Unfortunately, this zeal to include Social Media is often done thoughtlessly.  There are numerous cases where "doing" Social Media makes no sense at all.  Three examples: 1) When there is no call to action - or when there isn't even a social address provided. In the picture above, taken at [More]

  • Social Infrastructure

    Social Infrastructure

    Look around, and you are surrounded by advertisements: which ones catch your eye?  Likely, the ones that are the loudest.  Unfortunately, the race to the loudest is making it hard for anything to get through. One of the key reasons for corporate interest in digital is that it is a [More]

  • Landing Pages

    Landing Pages

    $134.81 Billion:  this is Google's 2019 ad revenue. Google's keyword-savvy Pay-per-click selling machine allows any organization (or person) to specify keywords, construct an ad, and specify how much they would pay for a click.  Google then puts the ad on a web page that contains the keywords. When a user [More]

  • Marketing Insight:  When Users Defect

    Marketing Insight: When Users Defect

    Have you labored over your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for years, only to suddenly find a huge drop in your traffic? As leaders begin to probe the Return on Social Media Investment, an unexpected reversal is frustrating - and can have direct impact on the organization's brand... and those [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Viewpoint: Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Beyond the embarrassing photos, new found friends, professional connections, and social gaming, there lurks a conflict - and conflict of interest - that most people know nothing about. On the one hand there are Social Media venues all of whom have a business model that provides free consumer functionality in [More]


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