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  • Viewpoint: The case against social media regulation

    Viewpoint: The case against social media regulation

    Should social media be regulated and controlled? Should hardware and network providers be forced to open a one-way window for authorities to monitor the flow of conversation? These questions are once again being asked, as supposedly "civilized" societies erupt into violence, riots, vandalism, and hooliganism. In these cases, rioters changed [More]

  • Foolish Policies or Accountability

    Foolish Policies or Accountability

    Chances are you are working (or have worked) in an organization that gave you a PC that was completely locked down. You were not allowed to add your own software, let alone customize the software that was pre-installed. If you did want to go to the web, you could do [More]

  • Olympic Tin Medal

    Olympic Tin Medal

    Go for Gold! There have been miles of newsprint written on the Olympics, the athletes, their training, and their gold medals. To achieve their success, the athletes worked hard - very hard - for years. They sacrificed years of their life, they had to forgo many "normal" growing-up activities, and [More]


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