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  • Viewpoint: Cuba, Data sovereignty, and the Cloud

    Viewpoint: Cuba, Data sovereignty, and the Cloud

    The Cubans we met were super-friendly, happy, and entrepreneurial.  The culture was replete with amazing music, history, architecture, and national pride.  And the beaches were amongst the best in the world. The country, however, is literally cut off from much of the western world, largely because of the remnants of [More]

  • Viewpoint: Building Credibility and Legitimacy

    Viewpoint: Building Credibility and Legitimacy

    In the traditional channels, there have long been built-in checks-and-balances to prevent abuse. With so few TV and Radio stations, newspapers, and magazines, these channels developed policies for who they would accept as an advertiser. And as journalists, their reporting was both objective and fact-checked.  It was hard for fringe [More]

  • Social Media Slimming Down: Costly or Gone

    Social Media Slimming Down: Costly or Gone

    There is no question that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking platforms around. It connects, credentializes, and recruits. It provides a glimpse into the professional lives of those we know, and those we want to know. But it has been providing less, and less, and less. Consider the [More]

  • Viewpoint: Competing with Free

    Viewpoint: Competing with Free

    Are you involved in your professional association? Or do you run one - either as a director, staff, or volunteer? If so, you're probably concerned with one aspect of today's digital world, and particularly social media: How do you compete with free?  (Or perhaps, you're concerned with a more existential [More]

  • Viewpoint: The End of Social Media

    Viewpoint: The End of Social Media

    Here's a bold prediction: The End of Social Media. Yes, despite the success of the Twitter IPO, and before that, Facebook's public offering, and after that, the fight over TikTok, the initial promise of social media is quickly moving to its end. Consider the evidence: Over a billion users on [More]

  • Viewpoint: Social Media – Going Out of Business

    Viewpoint: Social Media – Going Out of Business

    Before Social Media really took off, the number of tools for engaging stakeholders online was very, very small.  You could create a bulletin board on your site.  An interactive calculator. A "guestbook" (remember those?)  Or get people to sign up to a ListServ and participate in a discussion via email.  [More]

  • Viewpoints and Social Opinions

    Viewpoints and Social Opinions

    During the last year, I have written a number of opinion pieces on the issues and trends around Social Media, along with the (sometimes) ominous implications.  With the fullness of time, some of these are even more important today.  A few selections... Does Free Always Mean Free?  Beyond the embarrassing [More]

  • Viewpoint: Facebook – Billions Served

    Viewpoint: Facebook – Billions Served

    Facebook now has over 2.5 billion users - an astounding number. On the other hand, you (or your organization) may have but 1000 or 10,000 - hardly a dent, and at best, a rounding error. Whether your number is on the lower side or hovering at a billion, this singular [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Email, R.I.P.

    Viewpoint: Email, R.I.P.

    Picture this scene from a few decades ago: you're working in your office, and your assistant bursts in, with an important announcement:  You've received... a FAX!  The correspondence was critically important - and you were too. Then a few years later, the FAX was replaced by AOL's chirpy voice, announcing [More]

  • Exit the Bubble: Unfinding Your Tribe

    Exit the Bubble: Unfinding Your Tribe

    Do you actively seek out different opinions than your own, or unwittingly reinforce your personal world-view by only consuming "agreeable" content? While we may think we do the former - who doesn't have a self image of being open-minded - too often we live in a bubble. The promise of [More]


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