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    How much time have you "invested" in networking within Social Media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook? While some people merely respond to connection requests, others are practically addicted. There is a preconception that networking is your connection to your contacts. While partly true, networking is really the positive act [More]

  • The Long Game – Google and eBay (updated)

    The Long Game – Google and eBay (updated)

    Not long after writing about the Long Game with respect to professional success, I was thinking about the same thing at the corporate level. Of course, with corporations, the Long Game concept is usually called "strategy" and is the result of "Strategic Planning". Or is it? There are two interesting [More]

  • The Long Game

    The Long Game

    I recently spoke at an event filled with undergraduate business school students. Before heading to the podium, I talked to a student who was to address the group after me; his topic was how to be hired as an Investment Banker. I wished him luck, and asked how he learned [More]

  • The Enemy of Great is Good

    The Enemy of Great is Good

    Recently, a client sent me an email with the title of this blog posting in it. He was decrying the problem of another vendor who was not responsive, and who was only giving "good" service. I've certainly read that other great book, Jim Collins' Good to Great, which speaks to [More]

  • The Corporate Work-out?

    The Corporate Work-out?

    I was remarking the other day how crowded my fitness club was, and I was reminded about the semi-annual migration that tends to happen just after the holiday season, and just before the bathing suit one. For those who have figured out how to embed fitness into their weekly routines, [More]


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