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Social Media

Growing Social Legs: Event-powered Communities

by Randall Craig September 12, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to briefly meet Lixin Fan, director of the film, I Am Here, at TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival.  A documentary film maker, he described the challenge of condensing 400 hours of content into a 90 minute movie, as he followed his subject matter over a six month period. “Selling” […]

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Social Media: Buy or Rent?

by Randall Craig September 5, 2014

What do houses, cars, and Social Media all have in common?  For one thing, they all share a primary question:  Buy or Rent.  Buy a house, or look for a rental?  Buy a car, or lease it?  And should we rent our Social Media, or build our own? Most leaders don’t even think about this […]

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Real World or Digital

by Randall Craig June 27, 2014

Despite the near ubiquity of Social Media, you can’t say hello to your Starbucks barista there.  You can’t see your team’s body language during a meeting.  You can’t celebrate with friends and family in real-time.  Everything seems to be in 2D – at best a reflection of what is happening in the real world. Interestingly, […]

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LinkedIn Groups: to join or not?

by Randall Craig June 13, 2014

“You have been invited to be part of the LinkedIn group ABCDE.”  With millions of groups available and more created every day, it is tempting to join – but should you? There is nothing wrong with a gut decision to click the join button, but there is also nothing wrong with thinking a bit more […]

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17 Ways to Reduce Engagement

by Randall Craig May 30, 2014

Is Engagement at the center of your social media strategy? Likely yes.  But is it possible that you are working at cross-purposes, spending time and resources on negative activities that actually result in disengagement?  If so, you’re not alone. Use this post as a checklist: how many of these seventeen negative activities do you recognize?  […]

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20 Year Internet Anniversary

by Randall Craig May 23, 2014

What were you doing on the Internet 20 years ago, circa 1993/1994?  At that time, there were only between 200 and 2000 websites, depending on how you counted.   Most people had no idea what the web was all about, and email was still a big leap for many organizations. 20 years ago was when I […]

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Social Media Slimming Down: Costly or Gone

by Randall Craig April 25, 2014

There is no question that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking platforms around. It connects, credentializes, and recruits. It provides a glimpse into the professional lives of those we know, and those we don’t. But it has been providing less, and less, and less. Consider the following: LinkedIn answers – gone LinkedIn polls […]

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An Optimal Twitter Schedule

by Randall Craig February 28, 2014

After participating in a recent panel discussion, I was approached by David Shlagbaum, a senior partner in a downtown law firm.  He reminded me of a lunch we shared, where he had asked me how often he should tweet.  I responded “David, do you see that bus outside?”  He did.  “A Twitter schedule is no […]

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Seven Reasons to Skip Social Media

by Randall Craig February 7, 2014

If you read anything, anywhere about marketing, sales, customer service, recruiting, IT, or executive leadership, you can’t help but notice that Social Media seems to have become mandatory – full stop.  But are there circumstances where it makes sense NOT to use Social Media?  Where turning down the volume on blogging and tweeting – sometimes […]

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Testing the Social Conversation

by Randall Craig December 27, 2013

Have you ever put your social influence to the test?  Or said another way, do others find you half as interesting as you do yourself?  If you’re not sure, here are seven ideas that might spur some different thinking. 17 Ways to Great Social Engagement: Not sure why your blog and other social media efforts […]

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Twitter Strategy, Take Three

by Randall Craig December 20, 2013

“Blogs are like articles that people can comment on.  YouTube is like TV, but with voting.”  But what about Twitter? Many leaders are not yet convinced that Twitter makes sense to them. (Or that Twitter makes sense at all.) What are the arguments for adopting Twitter – at least at some level? Here are five […]

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Built for it

by Randall Craig December 13, 2013

Why are some things easier to do, and others so hard?  Yes, knowledge is important – but this can be improved through training.  Yes, attitude is crucial: if you don’t enjoy doing something, there is little intrinsic incentive for doing a great job.  And since attitude is infectious, your attitude will impact those around you.  […]

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Viewpoint: The End of Social Media

by Randall Craig November 8, 2013

Here’s a bold prediction: The End of Social Media. Yes, despite the success of the Twitter IPO, and before that, Facebook’s public offering, social media is quickly moving to its end. Consider the evidence: Over a billion users on Facebook, and hundreds of millions each on LinkedIn and Twitter. All of these platforms (and others) […]

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Lipstick on a Pig: Is this the new Social Media?

by Randall Craig November 1, 2013

You may be one of those unlucky individuals who cannot “do” any social media at work. Not because you don’t know how, or don’t want to, but because your workplace policy prevents you from doing so. Or the regulatory compliance environment means that social media is off-limits. Or you’re just too busy. Don’t feel bad […]

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Selling Products using Social Media

by Randall Craig October 25, 2013

Forget likes, shares, retweets, and comments: how can you use Social Media to actually sell products?  (Here’s a post on selling services.) To do so effectively means understanding two key concepts: the funnel, and conversion.  The funnel refers to the process that prospects go through before they actually put down their credit card and transact.  […]

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Four Steps from Social Strategy to Successful Sales

by Randall Craig October 18, 2013

With all of the focus on social media strategy, wouldn’t it be nice to actually use social media to grow sales? Not improve awareness, develop the brand, help with marketing, or “continue the conversation”. But actually sell. Here are four ways that social media can be use to sell services. (Stay tuned next week for […]

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Time for a Twitter Wall? (Part Two)

by Randall Craig October 11, 2013

Looking for the fine print on successfully using Twitter at your event?  Here is Part two:  [Read part one] 1) Choose a hashtag:  Choosing a unique hashtag is critical; if you choose one that another organization is using, then their comments will be mixed in with yours.  CAFE, for example, is an acronym for the […]

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Time for a Twitter Wall?

by Randall Craig October 4, 2013

Have you ever been responsible for a meeting and a conference, and you’ve thought to yourself – or you’ve been told – that it is time that your meeting incorporates Twitter?  Or the young keener in your office has assured you that doing so is actually quite easy – just set up a Twitter wall.  […]

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Protecting your Digital Cargo

by Randall Craig August 2, 2013

Every organization owns intellectual property: in fact, this recorded knowledge is often key evidence of expertise, capability, and fit. So if it is that valuable, how do you protect it from being stolen? Before answering that question, it is useful to distinguish between content that you want to be widely distributed, and content that is […]

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When Sharing is not a Good Idea

by Randall Craig July 19, 2013

If you have spent any time on Facebook (and now, sadly, LinkedIn), you may have been the victim of over-sharing. You are subjected to pointless, and often narcissistic postings, often from people and organizations that should know better. While the impact on you is wasted time, the posters often don’t consider the brand impact of […]

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