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Social Media

  • Does Social Media Make you Lazy?

    Does Social Media Make you Lazy?

    The answer is "it depends"... on what type of person you are. 1) The Early Adopters (younger professionals, students, tech enthusiasts), use the "channel" of the latest Social media platform to develop real relationships. Especially when the relationships are separated by geography and time zones, many of these relationships would [More]

  • SMS: Social Media System

    SMS: Social Media System

    Have you committed to writing a blog, only to find that you don't quite write as often (or as well) as you'd like to? Or have you decided to use Twitter, only to find that you never really have much to say - let alone time to say it? If [More]

  • Personal Branding Early Warning System

    Personal Branding Early Warning System

    A common definition of Personal Branding relates to the first impression people have of you. What do your clothes suggest? Do you look friendly, or aggressive? Expressions such as "you only have one chance to make a good first impression" reinforce this definition further. Here's a second definition: what people [More]

  • The Seven Steps of Digital Engagement

    The Seven Steps of Digital Engagement

    Social Media is all around us: from blogs to Twitter, from discussion forums to TikTok to Facebook. Yet how do we decide how much time and energy to spend on each of these? Consider the following Seven Steps to Digital Engagement - each person moves up the hierarchy, step-by-step. Of course, [More]

  • Conversation starters

    Conversation starters

    Do you have a website, spend money on advertising, or engage in "media relations"? If so, you probably have a fair amount of experience broadcasting a specific message to a specific audience. Unfortunately, most people use this same paradigm when it comes to Social Media. They post updates on Facebook [More]

  • Too Many Friends?

    Too Many Friends?

    Can you ever have too many friends? In real life, the answer is no, but when we're talking about social media, the answer is definitively yes. If you have been collecting so-called friends, contacts, connections, and followers online, then you probably notice that some are more valuable than others. Others [More]

  • Social Media Sinkholes

    Social Media Sinkholes

    There are over 500 web sites that have a Social Media angle to them. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok might be the most familiar, but you may also spend time on eBay, Amazon, Kijiji, and others. In fact, you may be spending so much time on these platforms, that you [More]

  • Twitter Strategy (updated)

    Twitter Strategy (updated)

    There is no shortage of discussions about Twitter, which is ironic, as each Tweet is just 140 characters, the length of this first sentence.  (Note that Twitter's limit has been increased from this number, and can now be as long as 280 characters... the length of this paragraph.) Yet most [More]

  • Social Media Tune-up

    Social Media Tune-up

    Your car needs a tune-up every once in a while. As individuals, we go to the doctor or dentist on a regular schedule. But have you ever done a social media tune-up? Didn't think so. We sign up to a number of sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others), use [More]

  • Networking fundamentals

    Networking fundamentals

    With the change in seasons, the venues for networking may change, but not the fundamentals. Consider these five key networking concepts; are you doing them all? 1) Give to Get: Add value to your network by sending magazine clippings, web links, or other materials to them, without asking for anything [More]


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