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New Job

  • Interview Questions

    Interview Questions

    Research shows that people don't quit their company - they quit their boss. Think about it: the best managers can coach you... or kill you. They can approve training... or they can throw you to the wolves. Every organization has great managers - and some duds. That is why job [More]

  • It’s (not) all about me

    It’s (not) all about me

    Even if your day job isn't "sales", how often do you engage in the act of selling? More than you might realize. We pitch ideas to our managers or the board. As advisors, we sell our recommendations to our clients. We sell our staff on what they should do. We [More]

  • Preboarding


    No, it has nothing to do with Airline strategy. When you start a new job, honeymoon period. Then reality sets in. Employees will either thrive (good hire), disengage (walking dead), or become journeymen (consistently average work.) What can we do to improve employee engagement, reduce start-up stress, and improve retention? [More]

  • Experiences, not Experience

    Experiences, not Experience

    People collect the craziest things: movies, music, books, shoes, coins, and spoons are just some examples. But what about collecting experiences? Experiences are activities that either give you new skills, or improve existing ones. Experiences give you perspective, flexibility, and develop your business acumen: all critical for your career success. [More]

  • Becoming the Perfect Candidate

    Becoming the Perfect Candidate

    My coaching clients often will ask - how do I make myself perfect for an opportunity that I just became aware of? Most people know the basics: do the research, do a ton of networking, write a great cover letter, and customize your resume. And make sure that you know [More]


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