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  • Seven Social Media Job Search Steps

    Seven Social Media Job Search Steps

    Even from the most committed employees, one question comes up over and over again: where does Social Media fit into my next job search.  It might be couched in different language (How do I develop professional profile/How do I take advantage of Social tools for support, etc), but the question [More]

  • The Right 10,000 Hours

    The Right 10,000 Hours

    Malcolm Gladwell asserts that one cannot be an expert without first earning 10,000 hours of experience. So how do you become recognized for your expertise if you don't have enough experience to be recognized...?  This isn't a problem just for those entering the workforce (or for entrepreneurs), but also for [More]

  • Reference and Recommendations

    Reference and Recommendations

    Whenever you are considered for a new relationship - as a supplier, client, or investor - the "buyer" needs to check you out. This is especially true when it comes to applying for a new role. The dreaded reference check (or background check) need not be that stressful, if only [More]

  • Not Yet

    Not Yet

    Have you ever been asked whether you had a particular skill, and struggled to answer when the answer is clearly in the negative? While no one appreciates spin, there are a number of ways to answer, each with a unique nuance: Answer: Yes: If you are part of the Fake [More]

  • Social Media Risk Takers

    Social Media Risk Takers

    Just about everybody has heard about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Avid users talk about connecting with family, networking with past colleagues, and meeting new contacts. Social media sites allow this to happen, and much more. You can post photos, blogs, status updates, job history, family relationships, event listings, and [More]

  • Barack Obama:  The ultimate job search

    Barack Obama: The ultimate job search

    Ten Career Planning Tips that we can learn from Barack Obama (and John McCain) Thinking back to the American Presidential election, are there any job search and career planning lessons that can be learned from Obama's historic victory? The answer, of course, is yes. 1) Anyone can grow up to [More]

  • Unqualified!


    Nobody likes the odds in a lottery, but when you apply for a new role or pitch a new opportunity, sometimes it feels like you're buying a ticket for one. When you put your name in the hat, you do so with 1000 others. Get through the screener and your [More]

  • Promise Keepers

    Promise Keepers

    You probably thought a cover letter showcased your fit for a job. You're right - it does this. You probably thought your resume was something that would qualify you (or not) for an interview. You're right - it does this. And you probably thought an interview was something that you [More]

  • Mastering a skill

    Mastering a skill

    How long does it take - or should it take - for you to master a new skill? Conventional wisdom suggests that after doing something several times, you should know it fairly well. After doing it for a few months, you should have proficiency. And after a year, you're an [More]

  • Starting a job before you start

    Starting a job before you start

    When was the last time that you started a new project, role, or job?  Did you ever think about what you should do before you actually assumed your new responsibilities? While it may come as a surprise, what you do just beforehand will often have a great impact on your [More]


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