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  • Brain Operating System: Autopilot

    Brain Operating System: Autopilot

    DOS, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS are all names of computer operating systems. They control the computer chips, memory, and give the device its unique personality. While we are certainly not computers, we too are controlled by a system: a Brain Operating System. Our BOS has a tremendous autopilot system: [More]

  • Great Headlines

    Great Headlines

    Whenever you read the newspaper (remember those?), how often do you really notice the headlines? Headlines are designed to solicit interest: the editor who wrote them is trying to let you know what the article is about, while at the same time "selling" you on the importance of actually reading [More]

  • What’s Stopping You?

    What’s Stopping You?

    When was the last time you considered your craziest, wildest dreams of professional success? For many people, it was probably a very long time ago. Others do so more often, but consider these dreams ridiculous, unattainable, and beyond their station in life. In both cases, the end result is the [More]

  • Leave it til later

    Leave it til later

    Most people have no problem doing tomorrow what could have been done today. In fact, many people spend their entire professional life getting good at procrastinating. We know this isn't healthy, so we do what we can to improve - we invent motivating slogans: Get it done! Just do it! [More]

  • A solution with my name on it

    A solution with my name on it

    Before we begin our careers, we typically spend a number of years in school. We then get hired in progressively more challenging jobs, earning the experience required for success. At any point in time, our unique experiences (and education, and upbringing) give us the ability to solve a specific type [More]

  • Oscar Performance

    Oscar Performance

    While very few of us may be professional actors, how often is our "performance" Oscar-worthy? If you're like most people, you like to do a great job, but are you doing the greatest job? To do the greatest job isn't a comment on your effort, but rather that the results [More]

  • Answers from Questions

    Answers from Questions

    Have you ever wondered what can be deciphered when someone asks a question?  Quite a bit, in fact.  Depending on the questions people ask, it is easy to tell the state of the economy.  Consider these two groups of questions: Does this job give me the experience I need? Am [More]

  • No Year’s Resolutions

    No Year’s Resolutions

    Every year, do you resolve to do something special, or something different, or maybe something that you used to do? If so, then you are probably in the minority, as many people have completely given up. And those who haven't given up, make commitments only to break them a month [More]

  • A Better Four-Letter Word

    A Better Four-Letter Word

    Have you ever been in a conversation when the other person spends more time talking about themselves than the subject at hand? They pepper the conversation with me, myself, and I, assuming that you (and others) are held spellbound by their perspective and accomplishments. Me has two letters, but it [More]

  • Better late than never

    Better late than never

    How often have you said "Better late than never"? Like many, probably a few times. Close cousins of this expression include "I tried", "I'm sorry", and "I'm not feeling my best today". While they all may be true, they may also sound like excuses. When we rely on these expressions, [More]


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