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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • 8 Must-Reads on Growth

    8 Must-Reads on Growth

    Benjamin Franklin said that there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes.  But at the end of every year, if you watch TV news, read magazines, or read a newspaper, you know that there is also a third certainty: the end-of-year retrospective. In the case of the Make It [More]

  • Instant Messaging: Channel of Choice?

    Instant Messaging: Channel of Choice?

    When you reach out to your members, clients, suppliers, regulators, or other stakeholders, how do you do it? In the olden days it was the telex.  Then there was the postal service, and later FAX. Today, perhaps email and Social Media.  But how does social fit in? Or does it? Aside [More]

  • Viewpoint: Corporate voice cop-outs, authenticity, and accountability

    Viewpoint: Corporate voice cop-outs, authenticity, and accountability

    In his 2003 Australian best-seller Death Sentence: The Decay of Public Language, author Don Watson rails against lifeless, plastic corporate-speak.   He complains that too often, organizations hide behind their words, instead of connecting with their audiences with an authentic voice.  While he was writing about traditional communications, his point is [More]

  • When to fire your web developer (18 reasons)

    When to fire your web developer (18 reasons)

    Every organization has its group of trusted partners: accountant, lawyer, banker... and web developer. They know your history, strategy, and people, and are available to help when their special skills are needed. But how do you know when it is time to move on from the relationship? While we can't [More]

  • Website launch checklist

    Website launch checklist

    While websites aren't new, most organizations only redesign their website every 3-4 years - which is just enough time for everyone to forget what needs to be done to properly launch it. So, collected in one place, here is our list of what to do to launch your site: Three months prior to [More]

  • Clickbait Headlines Lose Trust

    Clickbait Headlines Lose Trust

    Have you ever been gulled into reading an article, blog post, or viewing a video because of the headline?  Not the descriptive type of headline (such as Clickbait Headlines Lose Trust), but the kind that reels you in, like a helpless fish on a line. If you're not sure you've [More]

  • Marketing Congruency

    Marketing Congruency

    At one time, a marketer needed only consider a few communications channels: Print, TV, Packaging, and the speaking points within a salesperson's sales pitch. Today, all bets are off:  Traditional channels still exist, but have been eclipsed by the website, marketing automation emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and [More]

  • 27 Reasons to Skip Social Media

    27 Reasons to Skip Social Media

    There are many reasons why an investment in Social Media makes sense, but precious little about why it may not.  After advising on digital strategy and online engagement for over 27 years, here are 27 reasons why you should give it a skip: When your target audience isn't online. When [More]

  • Identity theft and email spoofing

    Identity theft and email spoofing

    Think your identity is secure?  Think again - it isn't. Consider this email that a colleague recently received from "me": Hello Monty, How are u doing? I will like you to handle an International bank transfers for me with some other few transactions today but first,let me know the required information [More]

  • Ten Tests for Assessing Influence

    Ten Tests for Assessing Influence

    Influencers are incredibly powerful, not just because of their reach, but because of their trusted relationships. They can bring your name and your services to a completely new audience. They can provide insights into your market - and the market's view about you - that are uniquely valuable.  They can [More]


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