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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • Social Media Risk Takers

    Social Media Risk Takers

    Just about everybody has heard about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Avid users talk about connecting with family, networking with past colleagues, and meeting new contacts. Social media sites allow this to happen, and much more. You can post photos, blogs, status updates, job history, family relationships, event listings, and [More]

  • Mastermind


    What would it be worth to you if you could have four times more education, five times the experience, or six times the number of available hours that you currently have? How much better might you do if you had four mentors, four coaches, and maybe even a built-in personal [More]

  • A solution with my name on it

    A solution with my name on it

    Before we begin our careers, we typically spend a number of years in school. We then get hired in progressively more challenging jobs, earning the experience required for success. At any point in time, our unique experiences (and education, and upbringing) give us the ability to solve a specific type [More]

  • Oscar Performance

    Oscar Performance

    While very few of us may be professional actors, how often is our "performance" Oscar-worthy? If you're like most people, you like to do a great job, but are you doing the greatest job? To do the greatest job isn't a comment on your effort, but rather that the results [More]

  • Answers from Questions

    Answers from Questions

    Have you ever wondered what can be deciphered when someone asks a question?  Quite a bit, in fact.  Depending on the questions people ask, it is easy to tell the state of the economy.  Consider these two groups of questions: Does this job give me the experience I need? Am [More]

  • Personal Branding Proxy

    Personal Branding Proxy

    If you think about the various consumer products that you use, most of them enjoy significant brand equity. Each brand name represents a series of attributes: when you think of IBM, for example, you might think of dependable technology for big business; Apple, on the other hand, might represent innovative, [More]

  • Inauguration


    What can we do, prior to starting something new, that will increase our chances of success? Back in 2009, when Barack Obama was "inaugurated" as President of the USA, he taught us many great lessons... even if we don't have a budget of $150 million-plus for the effort. We can [More]

  • Social Notworking

    Social Notworking

    Social media is used by recruiters to look for "hidden" candidates and to disqualify inappropriate ones. It is used by sales reps to look for new prospects and connect better with existing ones. And it can be used by you to connect outward to those you know, and to develop [More]

  • No Objections

    No Objections

    Everyone is in sales. Each of us is always selling something to somebody. You may be selling your recommendations to your colleagues. Or you might be trying to convince your family where to go on your next vacation. Or if you are pitching for a new opportunity, you are selling [More]

  • The Legacy Formula

    The Legacy Formula

    Is there a magic formula for professional success? Could it be as simple as "work smart" and "work hard"? While working smart and working hard are important, success in a particular role is determined well before we're even aware of the role itself. And we often don't know how truly [More]


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