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Make It Happen Tipsheet

  • Consuming Content and Scanning Video

    Consuming Content and Scanning Video

    How fast can you "consume" content? Or better yet, how quickly can you scan it?  Likely pretty quickly, if you are reading. Since most people consume by scanning - not reading - experienced bloggers (and website writers) understand the need to chunk content into smaller bits: Headings and subheadings Short [More]

  • Mobile Marketing: Four Principles

    Mobile Marketing: Four Principles

    What have been the most transformational marketing innovations in society?  TV and Direct mail/database marketing rank up there.  Email, the web, and social media also do.  And so does mobile - but why? It is too easy to think of mobile as nothing more than a small screen.  Web designers [More]

  • Ten tips for when the media calls

    Ten tips for when the media calls

    The phone rings or an email arrives (or a Twitter direct message appears) from a journalist, asking for your opinion on a particular topic.  What should you do? a) Panic b) Answer their questions c) ??? Journalists are half sleuth/half expert communicator:  they are paid to find out what is [More]

  • Money Now or Money Later

    Money Now or Money Later

    Where do you spend your organization's budget?  Should it be on communications, or on training?  Should it be on infrastructure, or on people?  Inside the organization, or to partners? While these may all be good questions, there is merit on reframing it - especially when it comes to questions around [More]

  • 15 factors for creating great videos (Part 2)

    15 factors for creating great videos (Part 2)

    Last week's Tipsheet focused on the top eight factors in creating a great video.  This week's Tipsheet takes it home, with practical advice gleaned from hosting 180 hours of Professionally Speaking TV, being interviewed hundreds of times in media, filming 100s of short promo videos for clients, and delivering countless [More]

  • 15 factors for creating great videos (Part 1)

    15 factors for creating great videos (Part 1)

    When it comes to video, it is better to be late to the game, than be an earlier adopter.  The reason why? We are no longer in the age of expensive experimentation: you can learn from the experience of others - and their mistakes. Here are 15 factors that can [More]

  • Mobile site or Mobile App?

    Mobile site or Mobile App?

    By now, every organization has already asked the question about whether or not they need an App.  Putting aside whether there is a bona fide reason for investing in an app or not, there is a second related question that always gets asked: if we have a mobile (eg responsive) [More]

  • Eight Video Strategies

    Eight Video Strategies

    If you are reading this white paper, you are in the minority. Some people have challenges reading the English language. Others have difficulty without their reading glasses. And still others just don't enjoy reading at all. There is a reason why YouTube and TikTok – and TV, and Netflix – [More]

  • How to charge for content – or not

    How to charge for content – or not

    You may have considered how content can be used to attract new members, new clients, or new partners.  But for all of the talk about Inbound Marketing, you have reservations due to two simple questions:  If the content is so valuable, why should we give it away for free?  And [More]

  • Airplane-mode networking

    Airplane-mode networking

    After arriving at an event and noticing a few people you know - and hundreds that you don't - what is your first inclination? a) To make a bee-line to those you know? b) To introduce yourself to those you don't? c) None of the above? Sadly, more people are [More]


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