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Business Development

  • Foolish Policies or Accountability

    Foolish Policies or Accountability

    Chances are you are working (or have worked) in an organization that gave you a PC that was completely locked down. You were not allowed to add your own software, let alone customize the software that was pre-installed. If you did want to go to the web, you could do [More]

  • The Social Benchmark

    The Social Benchmark

    In your professional field, who is the best at what they do? Chances are, you didn't name yourself. This is not surprising - between personal modesty, and our competitive instinct to look over our shoulders, we will usually make the comparison to others. Management experts will tell you that a [More]

  • One step back, two steps forward

    One step back, two steps forward

    It's always frustrating when after much hard work, you hit an obstacle: you're not sure of the next step, a key person doesn't buy in, or you forgot to book a key piece of equipment. When this happens, you (and your team) often become demotivated, and progress usually stalls. You're [More]

  • Squeezing the Negative

    Squeezing the Negative

    Have you ever been in a situation with your team when you're trying to figure out how to get everything just right? As problem solvers, our attention quickly focuses on what is wrong. We think that if the deficiencies could be removed, then everything would be perfect. Processes would be [More]

  • Network Values

    Network Values

    When it comes to networking, the focus seems always to be on quantity. How many cards in your rolodex? How many names in your computer? How many LinkedIn Connections? Unfortunately, in our quest to supersize our network, we often forget about the importance of its quality. Let's face it: a [More]

  • No Objections

    No Objections

    Everyone is in sales. Each of us is always selling something to somebody. You may be selling your recommendations to your colleagues. Or you might be trying to convince your family where to go on your next vacation. Or if you are pitching for a new opportunity, you are selling [More]

  • Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers

    Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers

    After a grueling amount of research, writing, and editing, Online PR and Social Media for Experts, Authors, Consultants, and Speakers is now available. Check it out at The book itself is 130 pages, and while it is aimed at "experts", it is completely appropriate for those with expertise working [More]

  • The World Revolves Around Others

    The World Revolves Around Others

    The harder you work, the greater your rewards. These words are pounded into our brains from an early age - but are they true? Unfortunately, our rewards are determined not just by how hard we work, but also by those we work with, and especially those we report to. If [More]

  • Nemawashi Master

    Nemawashi Master

    In Japanese culture, there is a cultural practice to avoid causing others to lose face. In business meetings, this often means that objections are not raised, and decisions are made apparently without a thorough discussion. While this is what appears to an outsider, the reality is far different. The Japanese [More]

  • PAR 3

    PAR 3

    While PAR 3 might have special meaning for golfers, it is actually the name of a great framework for describing your experience. It can be used in sales presentations, group status meetings, brochures and web sites. PAR stands for Problem, Action, Results. Rather than describing what you did (the "Action") [More]


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