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  • The Center of Gravity

    The Center of Gravity

    As a communicator, I share my ideas by writing and by speaking. I project my ideas to others using nuance, idiom, tone of voice, and body language.  I do it in business presentations, group meetings, in proposals, job interviews and resumes. But how do I know that the message is [More]

  • Profitable non-profits

    Profitable non-profits

    I recently met with a newly minted senior executive, who got to where he was because of his business acumen, aggressive drive, and great relationship skills. But now that he is in a position of real responsibility, might he be missing a critical ingredient for success? In his case, he [More]

  • It’s (not) all about me

    It’s (not) all about me

    Even if your day job isn't "sales", how often do you engage in the act of selling? More than you might realize. We pitch ideas to our managers or the board. As advisors, we sell our recommendations to our clients. We sell our staff on what they should do. We [More]

  • Speaking of Language

    Speaking of Language

    I once worked for a brilliant leader... whose mother tongue wasn't English. To my horror, I discovered that he didn't always understand every word that I spoke or wrote. With increased diversity and a more global business environment, expect this to happen more and more frequently. The challenge selling a [More]

  • Preboarding


    No, it has nothing to do with Airline strategy. When you start a new job, honeymoon period. Then reality sets in. Employees will either thrive (good hire), disengage (walking dead), or become journeymen (consistently average work.) What can we do to improve employee engagement, reduce start-up stress, and improve retention? [More]

  • The Corporate Work-out?

    The Corporate Work-out?

    I was remarking the other day how crowded my fitness club was, and I was reminded about the semi-annual migration that tends to happen just after the holiday season, and just before the bathing suit one. For those who have figured out how to embed fitness into their weekly routines, [More]

  • Work yourself out of a job

    Work yourself out of a job

    What would happen if you planned for your own obsolescence? What if you changed your job so that you were no longer required in that role? As an optimist, the possibilities are exciting: You wouldn't be considered as "critical", and therefore could be considered for other positions. With the extra [More]

  • A Different New Year’s Resolution

    A Different New Year’s Resolution

    Now that the new year is here, it is time to be thinking about all of the "resolutions" that you are going to make. For many people, the top resolution is to do something about their job: get that promotion, work on a special project, ask for a raise, achieve [More]

  • Can tigers change their stripes?

    Can tigers change their stripes?

    Today, I appeared on two very different radio shows. The first was CKTB in St. Catherines, a local market, where the host had a number of specific questions he wanted answered. It was a fast-paced Q and A format on the lunchtime talk show. The second interview was on CBC [More]

  • Plant a seed and something will grow

    Plant a seed and something will grow

    If you are reading this on the day that it is published, then I have a secret to share with you. I came up with the idea for today's tipsheet last month. Then, about two weeks before "today", I wrote the Tip. I edited it the next week. And then [More]


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