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  • Tracy Slotin

    Tracy Slotin

    Last night, I met a delightful individual, Tracy Slotin, who works on the road delivering seminars for financial types (How to be a great controller, etc). I was going over my own business plan, and she suggested a different type of planning. Where do you want your business to be [More]

  • Footprints on the Sands of Time

    Footprints on the Sands of Time

    No, you don't need to remember your high school poetry, but it is possible to find insight wherever you look. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, Is our destined end or way; But to act, that each to-morrow Find us further than to-day. This excerpt is from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "The [More]

  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker

    How many people are in your network: 25? 200? 800? 1600? The number doesn't matter as much as how tightly you are connected to them, and how tightly they are connected to each other. When this linkage happens, so does magic. Your network can support you achieve your current goals, [More]

  • Light the Fire

    Light the Fire

    While camping, a group of four friends - all managers - were talking about teamwork. As the evening wore on, it became colder, and each person went to put on a warm jacket and a hat - except the fourth: he went scavenging for wood. After thirty minutes, he came [More]

  • Starting a New Job

    Starting a New Job

    You've been through a grueling interview process and you've finally got the job or won that promotion. What can you do right at the start to guarantee your success? The truth is that nothing is guaranteed in today's environment, but take care of a few key things, and your chances [More]

  • Experiences, not Experience

    Experiences, not Experience

    People collect the craziest things: movies, music, books, shoes, coins, and spoons are just some examples. But what about collecting experiences? Experiences are activities that either give you new skills, or improve existing ones. Experiences give you perspective, flexibility, and develop your business acumen: all critical for your career success. [More]

  • Personal Branding – It’s the Real Thing

    Personal Branding – It’s the Real Thing

    What comes to mind when you think of Coca Cola? Likely, it has less to do with sugar, caffeine and cost, and more to do with friends, refreshment and satisfaction. Savvy marketers know that if they "connect" their brands emotionally with their consumers, then they'll get the sale. This same [More]

  • Professional Intensity

    Professional Intensity

    An athlete's training schedule holds an important lesson for those looking to develop a successful career. At the beginning, an athlete may run 5 miles in one hour. As they get better, they move their time down to 55 minutes, then 50 minutes. At this point, they decide to add [More]

  • Timeshifting


    Recent statistics indicate that the average North American adult watches between 4 hours (Nielsen 2020), to 8 hours of content each day (OnePoll, 2020).  This equates to between 28 and 56 hours each week, an astonishingly high number when compared to the average working week of about 40 hours. Even [More]

  • Celebrate Your Staff

    Celebrate Your Staff

    Most leaders recognize that their staff and colleagues are the ones that are directly responsible for their success. But how often do we recognize them for it? No one likes to be thought of as a "work unit": we are all individuals doing (hopefully) important things. Recognizing, and celebrating your [More]


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