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  • One Phone Call

    One Phone Call

    If you could make one - and only one - phone call to improve your professional success, who would it be to? And what would you say? If you could arrange one - and only one - meeting, who would you call? And what would you say? Would the call [More]

  • Career Renovations

    Career Renovations

    As many homeowners know, every few years you look at your home, and decide that one room or another needs a renovation. You go through the work, perhaps re-painting, perhaps purchasing new furniture, or perhaps doing something a bit more radical. When the renovation is complete, you know that it [More]

  • Go-to Guy

    Go-to Guy

    Is there one person at your workplace who everyone knows can solve just about any problem? Is there one person that your manager goes to when they need to get something done? This person has a title: the Go-to Guy. It doesn't matter the task - big, small, clerical, managerial, [More]

  • Impactful Presentations

    Impactful Presentations

    Even though you may be on stage when you are making a presentation, it is your audience that deserves the focus. They don't care about you - at best they only care about how you can "solve their problem". And at worst, they want to be entertained. Changing focus to [More]

  • Mastering a skill

    Mastering a skill

    How long does it take - or should it take - for you to master a new skill? Conventional wisdom suggests that after doing something several times, you should know it fairly well. After doing it for a few months, you should have proficiency. And after a year, you're an [More]

  • When the shoe fits

    When the shoe fits

    One of the most effective ways that we learn is by observing, and interacting, with those around us. We look at those who have achieved great success, and assume that if we only follow their advice - and do what they do - then we will also be successful like [More]

  • Becoming Sherlock Holmes: Interview Research

    Becoming Sherlock Holmes: Interview Research

    You're about to meet a new sales prospect, or interview a new supplier. Or, you're about to meet a new company, and you know very little beyond their name and industry. How can you find out more before you find yourself in front of them? There are four basic techniques [More]

  • Giving Credit

    Giving Credit

    Doesn't it feel good when someone recognizes the great work that you do each day? And conversely, doesn't it feel awful when your faults are publicly exposed? Too often, we jump on the "fault" bandwagon, and don't give credit to others for the great things that they do. Yet, there [More]

  • Career Professional

    Career Professional

    For those who watch the Super Bowl each year, you may have noticed that the quarterback calls out a series of numbers before receiving the ball. Or you may have noticed that whenever a group of players run down the field, they always go in a certain formation. This type [More]

  • Proofreading Makes Perfect

    Proofreading Makes Perfect

    I recently met two very different people: a young man from a small town with an incomplete education, and a senior executive from the big city. In both cases, they sought out education as a way to improve their value, and as a result, their professional success. The young person [More]


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