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  • One Step

    One Step

    Ask any mountain climber - the surest way to the top of the peak is a very simple recipe: put one foot in front of the other. And then do it again. This very simple formula is no different for those looking in advancing their professional success. Education: Most of [More]

  • What do I want to be known for?

    What do I want to be known for?

    If you're like most people, you'd much prefer to write your resume than your obituary. Resumes help you get that new role, while obituaries are relatively... final. Nevertheless, writing your own obituary is a great exercise: it helps you define how you will be remembered by your colleagues, friends, and [More]

  • Urgent vs. Important

    Urgent vs. Important

    When a customer calls, do you rush to meet their needs? When you check into a hotel, do you expect prompt, courteous service? When you drive your car, do you always take the shortest routes - at the fastest speeds? And when you do a great job, do you want [More]

  • Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

    Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You

    While some might disagree, the truth is - especially when you are pitching for a role - that your boss (or the prospective client) doesn't care about you. They only care about how you can solve their problems.  In fact, the only way that you will get chosen for the [More]

  • The First Day of School

    The First Day of School

    Remember your first day at school, after a long summer holiday? You looked forward to seeing friends again, while at the same time felt sad about leaving the summer behind. However you felt back then, today many people use the summer more actively, and also to explore professional and personal [More]

  • The Best Career Book

    The Best Career Book

    If you were to write a book on your professional expertise, what would you call it? If you're not exactly sure, then you're not alone. In a certain sense, many of us go through our entire careers like a book without a title. Or a book with a poor title. [More]

  • Lessons from Retail

    Lessons from Retail

    Why is it that retailers have back-to-school sales starting in August? They know that clothing purchases are made 3-4 weeks immediately before the first day of school. (They also know that few customers will purchase clothing a mere day or two beforehand.) Stores make their buying decisions months in advance. [More]

  • Career Spin Doctor

    Career Spin Doctor

    Is the glass half-empty, or half-full? How you answer will usually brand you as an optimist or pessimist. But is one answer better than the other? Optimists usually are great at envisioning the possibilities, while pessimists can often spot risks well before they occur. Both personality types are critical to [More]

  • Serving Non-clients Profitably

    Serving Non-clients Profitably

    Every organization focuses on profit first, right? While this is true for the corporate world, it usually isn't true in the not-for-profit sector, nor in government. These organizations typically have many different stakeholders, including the communities they serve, donors, regulators, media, and special interest groups. And the goals of these [More]

  • Cut It Out

    Cut It Out

    Do you typically find yourself out of time? Have your colleagues - or your significant other - complained to you about not spending time on so-called priorities? It's amazing how quickly time flies, especially when we are invested in a task. And since time is absolutely not a renewable resource, [More]


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