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  • Persona Grata

    Persona Grata

    When you are doing a major presentation, writing a blog, or posting online, how do you know whether what you say is hitting the mark? And how can you improve the effectiveness of your message? One of the more clever techniques that marketers use for this purpose - and you [More]

  • Reality Distortion Field

    Reality Distortion Field

    I recently had the privilege of attending Book Expo America, the world's largest book convention. In attendance were thousands of booksellers, publishers, authors, distributors, and suppliers. There were panels with CEO's discussing the future of the industry. There were technical sessions, keynotes, and workshops. And there was an incredible reality-distortion [More]

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Eye of the Beholder

    Have you ever been completely "ticked" by something you read? When this happens, you often feel defensive: How can they say that? It doesn't apply to me! At other times, your reaction is more aggressive: you lash out in anger. You malign the sender. Or worse. If yesterday's email world [More]

  • Best of… Career Planning

    Best of… Career Planning

    We spend more time at our jobs than doing anything else in life, so it's surprising how little time we spend thinking strategically about it. Here are some of my favorite articles that can help get you started: The Long Game: Criteria for long-term career investments. Lead from Behind: Effective [More]

  • Anti-social Networking

    Anti-social Networking

    Have you ever been in a business meeting where some people are focusing intently... on their smartphones? Or have you been on an airplane, where most people are listening carefully... to Spotify or Apple Music? Or perhaps with your family at the dinner table, with several people texting, checking Facebook, [More]

  • Private or Public?

    Private or Public?

    So many of the changes from Facebook highlight an important risk in Social Media: there is very little privacy, and there will be even less in the future. Facebook has long coveted connecting outward to the rest of the internet, and with their Open Graph initiative, they have provided the [More]

  • Best of… Networking

    Best of… Networking

    Of the hundreds of tipsheets that I have written over the years, I am often asked which are the "best" ones about a particular subject. Not surprisingly, networking comes up over and over again. Some of the most impactful ideas on networking: Give and You Shall Receive: on the importance [More]

  • Information Vacation

    Information Vacation

    Each day, we are bombarded with information in advertising, news reports, emails, websites, TV, magazines, and social media. We take this in, process it, and then figure out what it means. Some of it we act on, creating more information for others, and some of it we file away for [More]

  • Risky Business: Identity Theft

    Risky Business: Identity Theft

    We've all heard the horror stories of people whose identities have been stolen. Their bank accounts are wiped out, credit cards maxed out, and they feel terribly violated. Then after the "theft" has been discovered, they are faced with the hassle of rebuilding their financial reputation, one step at a [More]

  • Out without the Shout

    Out without the Shout

    How much do you like advertising? If you're like most, the answer is somewhere between very little and not at all. This isn't surprising, since most advertising is not meant specifically for you, and is designed to be loud enough to cut through all of the noise generated by other [More]


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