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  • Risky Business: Identity Theft

    Risky Business: Identity Theft

    We've all heard the horror stories of people whose identities have been stolen. Their bank accounts are wiped out, credit cards maxed out, and they feel terribly violated. Then after the "theft" has been discovered, they are faced with the hassle of rebuilding their financial reputation, one step at a [More]

  • Out without the Shout

    Out without the Shout

    How much do you like advertising? If you're like most, the answer is somewhere between very little and not at all. This isn't surprising, since most advertising is not meant specifically for you, and is designed to be loud enough to cut through all of the noise generated by other [More]

  • Social (Support) Networks

    Social (Support) Networks

    What happens when you are stumped? In the "olden days" of just 3-4 years ago, you would apply time to the problem, researching different alternatives until you had a viable solution. If you were more clever, you'd reach out to your network - working the phone and email until you [More]

  • On or In?

    On or In?

    Most people spend years getting good at what they do. They become superb analysts, salespeople, engineers, or managers. They are rewarded for their efforts with promotions, better pay, and fancy perks. Interestingly, entrepreneurs do the same: they work hard for every sale, delivering on every promise; they are the president, [More]

  • Social Media Manners Matter

    Social Media Manners Matter

    There is so much written about what TO do with Social Media, there is so little written about what NOT to do. More than any other medium - telephone, written letters, email - Social Media is incredibly risky. Whatever you write can be broadcast worldwide, is archived forever, and can [More]

  • Prep the Night Before

    Prep the Night Before

    How often have you booked an early morning meeting (or airplane flight), and needed to be out the door far earlier than normal? Or stressed over a critical meeting, hoping that everything will turn out right? One of the most powerful concepts in time management (and in project management) is [More]

  • Olympic Tin Medal

    Olympic Tin Medal

    Go for Gold! There have been miles of newsprint written on the Olympics, the athletes, their training, and their gold medals. To achieve their success, the athletes worked hard - very hard - for years. They sacrificed years of their life, they had to forgo many "normal" growing-up activities, and [More]

  • Focus on the Question

    Focus on the Question

    Whenever there is uncertainty, we look for answers. We investigate alternatives, and then choose a course of action. Often, however, we are unsatisfied with the results, or have a sinking feeling that we've missed a key piece of information along the way. Albert Einstein had an interesting approach to this: [More]

  • Rangers and Scouts

    Rangers and Scouts

    In an army, every person has a role. The foot soldier is on the front line. The general sets the strategy. But how does the general know what's happening, beyond the front lines? And similarly, how do senior managers understand the impact - and the opportunity - of the newest [More]

  • Oscar Performance

    Oscar Performance

    If you have ever watched the Oscars, or any other award show for that matter, you know that there are many great nominees, but only one winner. While acting may not be your day job, putting in an Oscar performance is something that everyone can do. Here are some insights, [More]


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