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  • Viewpoint: Will Facebook Take Over the World?

    Viewpoint: Will Facebook Take Over the World?

    You may not realize it, but the game playing, ad-serving, stalker-friendly site called Facebook has long busted out of it's walled garden and moved into the "real world" in a very big way. And it is having profound implications for government, other businesses, and each of us as individuals. Unless [More]

  • Secret Sauce? Improving Social Media ROI

    Secret Sauce? Improving Social Media ROI

    Despite the frenzy everywhere else, many leaders look at their corporate Social Media initiatives, and wonder why there isn't a better return on their investment.  Many marketers, despite implementing clever campaigns, secretly worry about the same thing. Here's the question:  is there some special social secret sauce that can dramatically [More]

  • Gutless and Spineless…

    Gutless and Spineless…

    ...and afraid of the marketplace of ideas.  These are not exactly the attributes that most organizations (or people) aspire to. Yet most have a Social Media strategy that conveys precisely that.  Here's the case: Most organizations have Facebook pages.  Some of them have invested significantly in nifty functionality that runs [More]

  • The Case Against Facebook

    The Case Against Facebook

    Catchy title, but it should have read The Case Against Social Media.  Depending on how progressive your organization is, you probably have heard one of the following two party lines: 1) We need to block Facebook (and all Social Media) because it destroys productivity. 2) We need to spend significantly [More]

  • No Digital Dial Tone

    No Digital Dial Tone

    For many of us, Social Media has become ubiquitous: we couldn't imagine a day without Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. or TikTok. For many companies, Social Media is at the core of their marketing strategies. But what if the plug was pulled? What if the government, or a technical disaster, caused [More]

  • Buzz the Buzz

    Buzz the Buzz

    Have you ever been in a situation where everyone is "talking" about a particular movie, restaurant, or gadget?  While the subject of the buzz was probably quite noteworthy, what isn't known is how much professional marketing help it got along the way. If you are looking to develop buzz for [More]

  • Viewpoint:  Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Viewpoint: Does Free Always Mean Free?

    Beyond the embarrassing photos, new found friends, professional connections, and social gaming, there lurks a conflict - and conflict of interest - that most people know nothing about. On the one hand there are Social Media venues all of whom have a business model that provides free consumer functionality in [More]

  • Knowledge to Action

    Knowledge to Action

    During the last seven years, this Tipsheet has focused on answering one key question: how can we as individuals translate what we learn into practical advice.  The Tipsheet content has ranged from professional success, management perspective, to digital strategy.  Whatever the topic, each week there is a call to action, [More]

  • Multi-snacking


    When was the last time you ever gave anything (or anyone) your 100% complete, undivided attention?  If you're like most people - and you're honest - it was probably a long, long, time ago. The question is why. Here's one take: as intelligent, capable, and busy people, we have trained [More]

  • Goal Culture

    Goal Culture

    Do you look for shortcuts in order to more efficiently reach your goals?  Do you feel jealous when others achieve before you do?  If so, it's not surprising: you've been programmed that way.  Many organizations set annual goals for their employees; they follow-up with annual evaluations.  Compensation is tied directly [More]


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