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  • Social Media Tick Box

    Social Media Tick Box

    "We've got that covered" is a very satisfying thing to say when you are asked what your organization is doing to engage stakeholders online. Sadly, our research, covering 400 different organizations across the country, shows this isn't true: very few actually are "covered". The next year's research on the same [More]

  • Earning the Right

    Earning the Right

    Have you ever felt that something was missing with your digital communications? That your Tweets, Posts, and Status Updates were being disregarded - almost as if you are speaking to an empty auditorium? That you may have lots of "friends", but it seems that they are more absent than friendly. [More]

  • Digital Capability

    Digital Capability

    With so much focus on digital ROI and digital performance, an important issue is often forgotten: digital capability. This concept refers to an organization's ability to take advantage of the promise of digital, whether it be social media, marketing automation, CRM, or even just the web. Too often, the limiting [More]

  • Viewpoint: Facebook – Billions Served

    Viewpoint: Facebook – Billions Served

    Facebook now has over 2.5 billion users - an astounding number. On the other hand, you (or your organization) may have but 1000 or 10,000 - hardly a dent, and at best, a rounding error. Whether your number is on the lower side or hovering at a billion, this singular [More]

  • Landing Pages

    Landing Pages

    $134.81 Billion:  this is Google's 2019 ad revenue. Google's keyword-savvy Pay-per-click selling machine allows any organization (or person) to specify keywords, construct an ad, and specify how much they would pay for a click.  Google then puts the ad on a web page that contains the keywords. When a user [More]

  • Social Media Measurement (Part Two)

    Social Media Measurement (Part Two)

    Over the last year (or three), how much time have you spent Linking In, Tweeting, Facebooking, Blogging, and using other social tools?  If you are like most, getting a return on your time investment probably has crossed your mind:  Is all this time actually paying off?  Is it worth the [More]

  • Tech note: SEO – DIY (Search Engine Optimization – Do It Yourself)

    Tech note: SEO – DIY (Search Engine Optimization – Do It Yourself)

    There is no shortage of call centers working hard to sell SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Some of them are small fly-by-night operators, while others work at the venerable Yellow Pages.  Sadly, many organizations (and people) succumb to these pitches, and spend significant dollars each month chasing a top ranking.  [More]

  • Online Customer Service

    Online Customer Service

    How often are you disappointed by poor service?  For most people, the answer is too often. The reasons for poor customer service range from poor hiring, ineffective (or invisible) training, poor attitude, and inadequate resourcing.  Most customers don't really care why - they'll vote with their feet and leave.  They [More]

  • Rebranding Rationale: Microsoft, Pinetree Advisors

    Rebranding Rationale: Microsoft, Pinetree Advisors

    And here's the new: And here's the question of the day: why bother?  What's wrong with the old?  Is the time and expense really worth it? Reasons to rebrand: 1) There has been a growing difference between what your organization represents, and the visual representation of it. Rebranding forces the [More]

  • Information Thief, Attribution, and ChatGPT

    Information Thief, Attribution, and ChatGPT

    Are you an information thief?  Have you ever plagiarized, pilfered, or "borrowed" someone else's knowledge or reputation?  And has someone ever done this to you? Thanks to Google, we have the entire internet in front of us; it is too easy to use others' information without their knowledge or permission [More]


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